" Writing for others is one of the greatest privilege"

Jeremy Camp

Jeremy is a Lafayette, Indiana-born Grammy Award American contemporary Christian Music singer, songwriter and author. Jean-Luc has co-written several songs with Jeremy notably:  "Take My Life" (Stay) "Lay Down My Pride" (Restored)

Learn more about Jean-Luc & Jeremy's story on the Lionsgate produced movie

"I Still Believe".

11 Take My Life
04 Lay Down My Pride
Adie Camp

Adie  is a singer, songwriter, who is known as the lead singer of the Christian pop-rock band The Benjamin Gate before the group disbanded in 2003. Since then, Adie recorded 2 of her own Cds. Jean-Luc co-wrote with Adie the songs "Time" and "Overwhelm Me" which appear on her CD "Don't Wait".

06 Won't waste this time
05 overwhelm me
Naomi Striemer

Naomi is a Canadian-American singer. Following early success with secular, she has turned her attention to Christian song-writing and singing. One of those songs is "You Are Beautiful" co-written with jean-Luc.

You Are Beautiful - RADIO version
Joy Enriquez

Joy is an American singer and actress who has appeared on the television series 7th Heaven and also starred in films such as Chasing Papi and Lady and the Tramp. In 2005, Jean-Luc wrote "why Do You Love Me" for one of Joy's earlier Christian project.

13 Why do you love me_
11 Take my hand
12 I knew
Tammy Trent

Tammy is an American Christian singer. Jean-Luc worte a song for Tammy called "You've Already Shown Me". which is featured on her 2008 release "Stronger".

02 You've Already Shown Me
Isabelle Lajoie-Smith

Isabelle is a French Canadian born singer who now lives with LA. She is married and has 2 little girls! She appeared on The Kry's 2004 "God Of Infinite Worth" CD. Isabelle and her brother Jean-Luc (Lead singer for The Kry) have written several songs together.  "Can't Say Enough".

01 Can't Say Enough